A Message For My LinkedIn Family

A Message For My LinkedIn Family

For those of you who know me, I am not one to express my personal thoughts online or in-person for that matter. But during these trying times, many people within my network have asked how I feel about the recent murder of an African American man by a police officer and the resulting protests. Obviously, it was shocking to see and reminded me of the other similar videos I have been seeing since I was in elementary school. It also reminded me of the stories my parents used to tell me during their childhood while growing up in the south.

With that being said it is a positive site to see conversations being had around race and the prejudices we ALL hold. I also think the only way to move forward as Americans is to have continuous “honest” conversations. Within the linked in the business community, I believe this means honesty in your own company’s current diversity landscape. Making comments like “we celebrate diversity” or “we have always been inclusive” have been floating around LinkedIn a lot in recent weeks when the majority of our company’s metrics do not represent those phrases.

If your company is anything like mine, you cannot honestly look in the mirror and say that your organization’s demographics represent diversity from the top down and not just on the frontlines. Diversity within a business not only includes your customer-facing staff but also C-Level executives, vendors, and contractors. Ultimately, I believe that every business needs to make decisions that are good for growth and the company as a whole; and sometimes these decisions can be tough. But when business leaders are making those decisions, we need to remember how we feel today and how we are going to feel the next time this happens if we did nothing to affect change.

Please spread this message and share your thoughts with the entire community so that we can spark an HONEST conversation.

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